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Kim Wall Memorial Fund

15 January 2018

‘We can never get Kim back, but we can see to it that her spirit and will live on, and inspire other young journalists to go out in the world and find the stories,’

Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) under threat

10 January 2018

Ten Directors-General of public service companies in Europe sign statement in support of Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR).

PRIX EUROPA MasterClass in Vilnius: Around the World of Radio Features in Two Days

20 November 2017

On 7 and 8 November 2017 in Vilnius a small group of highly motivated journalists from Lithuanian Radio (LRT) took part in the PRIX EUROPA MasterClass.

PRIX EUROPA Outstanding Achievement Award

23 October 2017

© Christian Schulz

On Friday 20 October 2017 Can Dündar was awarded as Best European Journalist of the Year.

2017 Winners & Special Commendations

23 October 2017

© Christian Schulz

14 joyous winners were awarded a bronze Taurus Trophy at the prize giving ceremony on Friday 20 October 2017.

PRIX EUROPA 2017 Awarding Ceremony

20 October 2017

© David von Becker

Watch the awarding ceremony on demand here!
The live stream of the PRIX EUROPA 2017 Awarding Ceremony will start at 17:00 on Friday, 20 October:

PRIX EUROPA 2017 Jury Groups

16 October 2017

Meet all the PRIX EUROPA 2017 Jury Members who will spend day and night at Haus des Rundfunks selecting the best European TV, radio and online productions of the year.

PRIX EUROPA 2017 Online Community Award!

16 October 2017

We invite you to be part of the PRIX EUROPA 2017 from near and far. With this link you can access the voting platform of the PRIX EUROPA Community Award:

Nominations for Outstanding Achievement Award

5 October 2017

In the past weeks we have received many proposals for the Award as Best European Journalist of the Year.


2 October 2017

From 14 to 19 October in Haus des Rundfunks in Berlin 205 nominated programmes will compete in 10 categories for the title of best European programme of the year.

Public meets media makers

28 September 2017

Photo © Thorsten Klapsch

Panel debate about the credibility of media, Saturday 14 October 2017 at noon, organised together with the Federal Agency for Civic Education (BPB)

PRIX EUROPA 2017 Heimkino

13 October 2017

79 Fernsehserien, TV Movies und Dokumentarfilme aus 21 Ländern rund um die Uhr eine Woche lang.

Reading: ‘The Red-Haired Woman’ by Orhan Pamuk

9 October 2017

© rbb - The Wylie Agency

Free tickets available at the PRIX EUROPA Welcome Desk for the German premiere

PRIX EUROPA 2017 Closing Concert

9 October 2017

The PRIX EUROPA 2017 Closing Concert ‘TALES OF ANATOLIA’ will feature the great Turkish singer Zara together with world famous Indian percussionist Trilok Gurtu on Friday evening, 20 October, 21:00.


6 October 2017

This year, for the first time, we have asked media makers all over the continent to nominate colleagues who have made an outstanding contribution to the credibility and indispensability of journalism.

Jury Coordinators 2017

29 September 2017

The PRIX EUROPA organisers appoint one or two Coordinators for each Jury Group to lead the discussions and oversee the voting procedures.


1 September 2017

677 productions from 34 countries went into the first round for the distinction as Best European Television-, Radio- and Online Programmes of the Year 2017,

Who will be European Journalist of the Year 2017?

19 June 2017

For the first time media makers all over the continent are asked to nominate colleagues who have made an outstanding contribution to the credibility and indispensability of journalism.

Prix Europa recommends: #PulseofEurope

21 March 2017

Tired of hearing mostly negative and destructive voices in public?
Join Pulse of Europe and help send out positive energy as convinced Europeans and democrats against the current tendencies.

PRIX EUROPA MasterClass in Prague

24 November 2016

The 30th anniversary of PRIX EUROPA is accompanied by series of MasterClass workshops across Europe. Our last stop was Prague, where the Czech audiences were introduced to the best of European TV Fiction.

Changing Europe – Political Turning Points and the Freedom of the Media

2 November 2016

Panel Discussion about freedom of the press, Saturday 22 October 2016

PRIX EUROPA 2016 Masterclass in Berlin

7 October 2016

PRIX EUROPA - in collaboration with the Nordic Embassies in Berlin, Electronic media school - ems and XEN.ON TV - have the pleasure to invite you to the PRIX EUROPA Masterclass in Berlin on Friday, October 21!

PRIX EUROPA 2016 Awarding Ceremony

19 October 2016

Watch the awarding ceremony on demand here!

PRIX EUROPA 2016 Online Community Award!

14 October 2016

We invite you to be part of the PRIX EUROPA 2016 from near and far.

PRIX EUROPA 2016 Heimkino

15 October 2016

91 Fernsehserien, TV Movies und Dokumentarfilme aus 20 Ländern rund um die Uhr eine Woche lang.

PRIX EUROPA Masterclass in Amsterdam

8 September 2015

To celebrate the 30 years of PRIX EUROPA jubilee and the 20 years of TV IRIS category – PRIX EUROPA in cooperation with NTR and Mediafonds organised a Masterclass focusing on “Diversity and Development of Talent” in Amsterdam on September 5, 2016.

Preselection Procedure

5 September 2016

Between 1 July 2016 (deadline for entries) and 31 August 2016 (results of the preselection) we had exactly two months to deal with 641 productions from 264 organisations in 35 countries.

Prix Europa Masterclass in Helsinki!

15 August 2016

We welcome you to take part on the 30th of August 2016, 13.00 - 16.00, at Yle / Studiotalo / Studio 2 / Pasila

PRIX EUROPA 2016 Master Classes!

29 April 2016

To celebrate the 30 years of PRIX EUROPA jubilee we will organise Master Classes together with our partners all over Europe during the Summer 2016:

Next stop Gdańsk!

1 June 2016

The 30th anniversary of PRIX EUROPA is accompanied by series of Master Class workshops in five countries across Europe. In Poland, the leading issue of the Master Class is investigative journalism on Friday 10 June, 2016.


29 April 2016

This new category aims to recognise the most creative audio presented on digital platforms…

We Warmly Welcome Our Latest Alliance Partner: Deutschlandradio!

2 May 2016

PRIX EUROPA has grown into Europe’s largest festival for Television, Radio and the Online Media, due to the strong partners and their continues support.

Find all the PRIX EUROPA 2015 Winner photos here:

5 November 2015

A Face for each prize.

Welcome to Our New President

27 October 2015

Cecilia Benkö Lamborn, Director General of Swedish Radio has been elected by the PRIX EUROPA Steering Committee to take over from Roger de Weck as President to lead the festival on to its 30th anniversary in 2016.

Roger De Weck - A Very Big Thank You for All Your Work!

27 October 2015

President of PRIX EUROPA for the past 2 years has steered the Festival to be more known for its’ unique purpose for media makers to meet, debate and share their work.

Watch the Awarding Ceremony on demand!

22 October 2015

The stream will start at 19:00, 23 October 2015 and it will be available until 8 November 2015: Cross your fingers for your colleagues and join us live!

The Federal Foreign Office - Thank you for the Support!

19 October 2015

Martina Nibbeling-Wrießnig, Minister Counselor, Representative of the head of the Department for culture and communication will hand out the prize for the Best European Radio Drama of the Year.

Meet the PRIX EUROPA 2015 Jury Members!

16 October 2015

PRIX EUROPA distinguishes itself by its unique juries open to all programme makers from across the continent. All competition entries are assessed and evaluated in a public and open debate.

Nordic Focus: Wednesday Night = Party Night!

14 October 2015

The Felleshus, home of the five Nordic Embassies in Berlin, will open its doors for the delegates of PRIX EUROPA 2015:

After-Work Beer at the České Centrum

14 October 2015

On the occasion of this year‘s entry of Česká televize!

Last minute offer for Hotel Am Studio:

5 October 2015

The closest location to stay during the PRIX EUROPA 2015 Festival Week!

Rolf Stengård

1 October 2015

Photo © Mattias Ahlm / Sveriges Radio

…founder of “Radioleaks“ and former Head of Investigative Journalism at Sveriges Radio will be awarded the PRIX EUROPA Lifetime Achievement Award 2015…

Meet the People Behind the Programmes

24 September 2015

The Personal Registration will stay open until the last day of the Festival.

Thank you to the European Commission for their continuous support!

18 September 2015

From the very beginning the European Commission has recognized the important role of PRIX EUROPA in establishing a continental network of programme-makers and has supported the unique media event to develop and thrive

A warm welcome to Česká televize!

4 May 2015

Logo © Czech Television

We have the pleasure to announce that Czech TV has decided to join the PRIX EUROPA Alliance of supporting organizations.

The PRIX GENEVE Regulations...

19 May 2015

The PRIX GENEVE was created by the European Alliance for Television and Culture (EATC) in 1987 to motivate new authors towards careers in television.

We welcome our new Vice-President,

17 December 2014

Cecilia Benkö Lamborn, Director General from Sveriges Radio.
Cilla Benkö has been working for Swedish Radio for more than 25 years and during this period she has had several management positions.

Thank you Doris Pack!

17 December 2014

And the story continues…
After 25 years that Doris has spent working for the European Parliament with joy and heart she is now approaching a new stage of her life.

Photo Competition Winner György Kenez at the Fall of the Wall Celebration!

13 November 2014

Photo © György Kenez

The winner: György Kenez from Hungary took actively part in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the most significant event in recent German history:

Discussion with Media Experts

23 October 2014

Deutschlandfunk, Germany’s national radio station, will broadcast a live show from

First Category at PRIX EUROPA 2014 has reached the finishing line.

20 October 2014

The new competition category for Radio Current Affairs Programmes are done with their Jury work for this year.

Photo Competition Winner!

27 October 2014

Photo © György Kenez

PRIX EUROPA, in collaboration with be berlin, the marketing campaign of the German Capital, called its participants and friends to send photos under the title European views on Berlin.

PRIX EUROPA launches a Digital Programme Library

16 October 2014

Photo © Remko van Dokkum

For the first time this year all Festival participants will have the possibility to watch and listen to the programmes they have missed during the day by visiting our digital archive.


7 October 2014

Photo © Huzzah Vintage

PRIX EUROPA is obviously not the place for dress-codes or seated dinners but for programme-makers who want to meet their peers and pals from Europe.

European Views of Berlin Photo Competition and Exhibition

16 October 2014

The PRIX EUROPA participants coming to the festival venue Haus des Rundfunks will get a very special European View on Berlin – or rather 23 different European Views on the German Capital:

Diversity Workshop for TV, Radio and Online Journalists

6 October 2014

in co-operation with European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights at PRIX EUROPA on 18 October 2014

Ingolf Gabold

26 September 2014

photo © DR

…the mastermind behind blockbuster series like “The Killing” and “The Bridge”, will be awarded a PRIX EUROPA trophy for his lifetime achievement..


22 September 2014


There are 13 PRIX EUROPA trophies waiting for their winners until the Awards Ceremony takes place Friday 24 October 2014.
And these Awards are donated by…

Photo Competition at PRIX EUROPA 2014: European views on Berlin

1 August 2014

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall,

Not just another Trophy

9 September 2014

Artist: Anthon Hoornweg

Each PRIX EUROPA Taurus Trophy is an unique piece of art. All prize-winners of
PRIX EUROPA not only receive prize money and a certificate, but also a beautiful trophy – the TAURUS.

Thank you for submitting!

25 July 2014

Photo © Janet Ramsden

The record number of 294 organisations – broadcasters, producers, independents from 35 countries – are going for Gold at PRIX EUROPA 2014!

Welcome! BBC RADIO joins PRIX EUROPA Alliance

1 May 2014

Photo © BBC

We have the pleasure to announce: BBC Radio commits itself to the European Broadcasting Festival.


1 May 2014

Photo © Torley

Each year in early summer about 700 envelopes and parcels end up in our offices: DVDs and CDs submitted for the pre-selection.

Have you heard? PRIX EUROPA has started a new category for Radio Current Affairs.

1 May 2014

Photo © CC stock

Following the suggestions of many radio colleagues we have decided to open up a new category: Radio Current Affairs.

PRIX EUROPA goes .eu

1 May 2014

Photo © Steven Depolo

On Thursday, 1 May 2014 the PRIX EUROPA website moved to a new address:

Happy Birthday to the IFC!

1 May 2014

Logo © IFC

Forty years is an exceptional age for any media conference.

PRIX EUROPA 2013 in a Nutshell

1 May 2014


We have gathered some facts and figures of the PRIX EUROPA EDITION 2013…

PRIX EUROPA Winner Our Mothers, Our Fathers has travelled the world

1 May 2014


The Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen – ZDF production Our Mothers, Our Fathers: Generation War was awarded Best European TV Fiction Mini-Series of the Year 2013 at PRIX EUROPA 2013.