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Prix Europa recommends: #PulseofEurope

21 March 2017

Tired of hearing mostly negative and destructive voices in public? Join Pulse of Europe and help send out positive energy as convinced Europeans and democrats against the current tendencies.

‘Everyone is responsible for the failure or the success of our future, no one can make excuses. To hope, everything will go well, is not enough and even dangerous.
Now, before the elections, is the right time to do one’s best – with as many people as possible, and in as many places as possible.’

Pulse of Europe is a social initiative to preserve Europe – beyond party or religion. Everyone who accepts the European idea can be part of it.

‘We are not against, but for something. This is not the time of protests. It is time to stand up for the foundations of our community with shared values in the positive sense.’

Pulse of Europe meets every Sunday at 2 pm in several European cities. Is your city not on the list yet? Maybe it is your turn to suggest an additional meeting point!

For more information visit #PulseofEurope’s website: