The PRIX EUROPA 2015 Winners


Television Awards

Best European TV Documentary

Little Angels / The Netherlands

Submitting Organisation: Windmill Film
Author: Marco Niemeijer
Director: Marco Niemeijer
Producer: Annemiek van der Hell
Produced by: Windmill Film
Co-produced by: Joodse Omroep

Jury Citation:
A good documentary film needs strong characters that lead us through the story and might eventually take you to a whole family tragedy - like in this case. With beautiful and intimate camerawork, honesty, humour, pain and grief, this story caught you from the first moment with feelings you could not escape.
The film kept a secret, uncovered in the end, like a gift wrapped up little by little. The protagonist opened the door to her life and we became part of it. This film made us understand how generations are affected by the horrors of life during the second World War. For the jury it is a perfect, brilliant and fantastic documentary - a masterpiece.

Length / Minutes: 76


Special Commendations

Mallory / Czech Republic

Submitting Organisation: Negativ, s.r.o.
Author: Helena Třeštíková
Director: Helena Třeštíková
Producers: Kateřina Černá, Pavel Strnad
Produced by: Negativ
Co-produced by: Czech Television

Jury Citation:
Following one character over more than ten years is a very special thing. In this excellent documentary we almost become friends with Mallory struggling for dignity and taking care of her son. And without self-pity she fights very hard to find a flat, getting a job and having a modest life without drugs and a man who beats her. We follow her suffering from her mistakes always taking one step back and then two steps ahead moving on bravely. This epic story became a very authentic portrait which is not boring for a second during the 101 minutes. Important moments of Mallory’s struggle are composed perfectly together with great honesty. The director had a lot of foresight in choosing her protagonist: Strong woman, strong film.

Special Commendations

It’s your country / The Netherlands

Submitting Organisation: Selfmade Films
Author: Kees Vlaanderen
Director: Kees Vlaanderen
Producers: Niek Koppen, Jan de Ruiter
Produced by: Selfmade Films
Co-produced by: Human

Jury Citation:
Sixty minutes of watching interviews could be boring, but not in this case: In a very consequent style the film deals with the dilemma of humans being caught by the system. You feel the stories behind the people you meet in the interview-room. And we are with them dealing for some money or some health care to improve their future life, sometimes with black humour when nothing more is left. Starting as a small film developing into a much bigger one raising human rights questions like ‘how much life is worth’. You get emotionally touched when bureaucracy gets a face. Camera and editing complete the strict concept perfectly – with a great result.

Best European TV Drama

The Spiderwebhouse / Germany

Submitting Organisation: Tellux Film GmbH Stuttgart
Author: Johanna Stuttmann
Director: Mara Eibl-Eibesfeldt
Producer: Johanna Teichmann
Produced by:Tellux Film Stuttgart GmbH
Co-produced by: SWR

Jury Citation:
Television films are fairytales of our times in different genres: crime stories, war films or all sorts of social dramas. The winner is an outstanding script combined with extraordinary performances and visual style. The most difficult things to direct are children and animals – here we have both of them. This story tells the tale of abandoned siblings surviving weeks without their mother. They are surrounded by animals ranging from crows and bugs to spiders.

This film turns out to be less of a social drama than a modern fairy tale of surviving - shot in black and white.

Length / Minutes: 92


Special Commendation

If you knew how beautiful it is here / Austria / France

Submitting Organisation: Österreichischer Rundfunk - ORF
Autors: Stefan Hafner, Thomas Weingartner
Director: Andreas Prochaska
Producer: Klaus Graf
Produced by: Graf Film
Co-produced by: ORF, ARTE

Jury Citation:
The TV slogan ‘Local is Global’ is deeply true in this warmhearted police story. It is scripted, directed, performed and produced with great craftsmanship without losing its local colour and atmosphere. The script keeps its suspense and complicity. Acting is wonderful. The characters grow close to the audience humorously but with dignity. This TV film offers safety and entertainment with all the good values of public broadcasting.

Best European TV Fiction Serial or Mini-Series

Viva Hate / Sweden

Submitting Organisation: Anagram Film and TV AB
Author: Peter Birro
Director: Jens Lien
Producer: Martin Persson
Produced by: Anagram Film and TV AB
Co-producers: SVT, Film Väst

Jury Citation:
This series opens its era to the audience with sharpness in storytelling and great production value. The audience gets to the skin of the main characters, we breathe together with them in excitement. The series brings us warm-hearted comedy with the rhythm and passion of fireworks. The magnificent script goes forward with extraordinary power and the directing adds great speed.
The main character Daniel makes no compromises – it’s all or nothing in the fight for success as a punk-band in Gothenburg in the year 1991. The series starts like an earthquake – and just builds up from there.

Length / Minutes: 57


Special Commendation

The Heavy Water War / Norway / United Kingdom / Denmark

Submitting Organisation: Norsk rikskringkasting - NRK
Author: Petter Rosenlund
Director: Per Olav Sørensen
Producer: John M. Jacobsen, Sveinung Golimo, Marcus B. Brodersen, Morten Fisker, Stewart Mackinnon, Tone C. Rønning
Produced by: Filmkameratene
Co-produced by: Headline Pictures Ltd (UK), Sebasto Film & TV (DK)

Jury Citation:
This series is a successful dramatisation of one of the most exciting stories from the Second World War. It gives a new perspective to the horrible race in creating the atom bomb. Its viewpoints travel from Northern Norway to Berlin, London and Stockholm. A huge and profound research work has been done for this series. This gives the audience a big trust in the authenticity. In addition, suspense is so skillfully created that viewers are kept on the edges of their seats throughout – with ever growing interest in the subject matter.

Best European TV Current Affairs Programme

Brennpunkt: A Nobel cause / Norway

Submitting Organisation: Norsk rikskringkasting - NRK
Author: Inger Sunde
Director: Inger Sunde
Producer: Inger Sunde
Produced by: NRK

Jury Citation:
In a strong and varied Current Affairs category, some common themes emerged: how to protect the rights of the citizen from the encroaching powers of the internet; and how to meet the needs of migrants seeking a new life in Europe.
But the outstanding film of this year was a complete one-off: a delightfully witty, highly individual glimpse behind the normally closed doors of one of the world’s most prestigious bodies, the Nobel Prize committee.
As well as providing a rare insight into the idiosyncratic ways of the committee itself, the film offers a shrewd and revealing look at the political fall-out that can follow its more controversial decisions - most notably its recent award of the Peace Prize to the Chinese dissident, Liu Xiaobo.
A beautifully crafted piece of story-telling - and a real treat…

Length / Minutes: 54


Special Commendation

Snowden’s Great Escape / Denmark / Germany / France / Switzerland / Sweden / Norway

Submitting Organisation: Danish Broadcasting Corporation - DR
Authors: John Goetz, Poul-Erik Heilbuth, Klaus Nedergaard, Christine E. Wiegand
Directors: Poul-Erik Heilbuth, John Goetz
Producer: Sidsel Marie Jacobsen
Produced by:DR
Co-produced by: NDR, WDR, La Compagnie des Taxi-brousse
Supported by Planète+ CI Crime Investigation, SVT, NRK, RTS, Ghost VFX

Jury Citation:
Snowden’s Great Escape deeply impressed the jury with its compelling and clear-eyed account of one of the great journalistic stories of our day.
Built around extraordinary access to all the main protagonists in the saga, and beautifully shot and edited, it possessed all the urgency and suspense of the best political thrillers.
Contrasting - often with telling humour - the testimony of Snowden and his friends with those implacably opposed to him, and cleverly concentrating its focus on Snowden’s escape, the film was a riveting watch from start to finish.

Best Intercultural TV Programme

Patience, Patience, You’ll Go to Paradise! / Belgium

Submitting Organisation: Blast productions asbl
Author: Hadja Lahbib
Director: Hadja Lahbib
Producer: Hadja Lahbib
Produced by: Les passeurs de Lumière
Co-produced by: Clair-Obscur Productions, RTBF - Unités Documentaires, ARTE, Le Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Voo

Jury Citation:
This heart-warming tale of female friendship and empowerment is told through the eyes of a group of women emerging from a lifetime spent in the shadow of their husbands.
Mina and her friends left Morocco as girls and lived as housewives in Belgium. For decades their world shrinks to the confinement of family and home.
The film charts their journey to emancipation. We see them regain their youthful enthusiasm and fulfil their dreams.
At a time when the media portrays Muslim women as silent and oppressed, this film shows strength, comradeship and independent spirit through intimate portraits and humour.

Length / Minutes: 85


Special Commendation

Spartacus & Cassandra / France

Submitting Organisation: Nour Films
Autor: Ioanis Nuguet
Director: Ioanis Nuguet
Producer: Samuel Luret
Produced by: Morgane Production

Jury Citation:
The TV IRIS jury was speechless and thrilled after watching the wonderful film Spartacus & Cassandra. The documentary intimately follows two Roma children, who are torn between seizing the opportunities their new destiny offers them and the responsibilities for their parents who live on the street in very poor conditions. The classical role of parents and children is surprisingly turned upside down and the theme of ‘Roma in Europe’ is treated beyond stereotyping. The jury was above all impressed by the extremely powerful scenery, the poetic style and the brilliant music.

Radio Awards

Best European Radio Documentary

Junkies in the Country / France

Submitting Organisation: ARTE Radio
Author: Mehdi Ahoudig
Director: Mehdi Ahoudig
Sound: Samuel Hirsch
Commissioning editor: Silvain Gire
Producer: Silvain Gire

Jury Citation:
The best programmes convey – from the very first moment – a trust in the maker. In this winning documentary we have a sense that every production decision has been expertly considered.
The invisible hand of the author leads us into the bleak world of the story. Without the presence of a narrator, scenes unfold seamlessly where we witness desperate individuals encountering the state‘s social and legal agencies. This is an intense and intimate piece of journalism with extraordinary access. Harsh realities are illuminated with a clarity and a beauty that demonstrate the unique possibilities of the medium. The result is at once a document of rare power and a work of art.


Meuse county in northeastern France holds the national record for heroin consumption! Linda, Gaelle and Sabbia are three young mothers, who got hooked on Heroin in their home village. Today, they are struggling with an addiction that has taken over their lives…

Special Commendations

My Mother’s Words / Belgium

Submitting Organisation: Atelier de Création Sonore Radiophonique - ACSR
Autor: Aurélia Balboni
Director: Aurélia Balboni
Sound: Aurélia Balboni; Philippe Charbonnel (Sound editing)
Commissioning editor: Aurélia Balboni
Producer: Carmelo Iannuzzo

Jury Citation:
The most successful radio documentaries invite the listener into a complete world at a level beyond our everyday experience, to become intimate with people, their relationships, their stories, their thoughts and feelings. This documentary achieves that with an apparent effortlessness from the very first moment. We are welcomed alongside the protagonists – not as detached observers or prying voyeurs, but as witnesses of a family’s private tragedy. Our response is to share their moments of humour, of frustration, of pain. Our empathy is inevitably secured through the combination of a continuous present-tense narrative, with events unfolding within a delicate but assured sound design, and the author’s finely weighed words, judging image and idea, emotion and thought with a maturity and refinement that’s hard to comprehend in a first-time producer making a story about her own mother’s decline in health. Truly remarkable.

The Black Saint / Sweden

Submitting organisation: Sveriges Radio - SR
Author: Måns Mosesson
Director: Måns Mosesson
Sound: Fredrik Nilsson
Commissioning editor: Marie-Jeanette Löfgren
Producer: Robert Barkman

Jury Citation:
This outstanding documentary uses the everlasting possibilities of great dramatic storytelling which lie in the combination of a seemingly small incident that possesses the power of a much greater, all-embracing significance. So while we get to know only a few individuals and learn about their doings, in fact we witness, following their stories, how anonymous hatred is originating in society. A girl of Indian descent is chosen to impersonate Saint Lucia for the Swedish celebration which until then has only seen blonde white girls acting as the Saint Lucia. Måns Mosesson revisits the day of the national broadcast and the hateful outburst on internet platforms that ensued. His great accomplishment is that he leaves no question unasked, with journalistic fervour he goes to the bottom of the story and the human condition. Through changes of perspective and close up conversations a deeper insight and understanding of the course of events is skilfully unfolded. A masterpiece in storytelling and an example for honesty and bravery in research.

Best European Radio Investigation

The Emergence of Terror - A feature about the escalation of violence / Germany

Submitting organisation: Westdeutscher Rundfunk - WDR / ARD
Author: Johanna Braun
Director: Martin Zylka
Sound: Dirk Hülsenbusch
Commissioning editor: Dorothea Runge
Producer: Dorothea Runge

Jury Citation:
This year’s winner took one of the most important topics of our era –
the fight against Islamist terror networks - and presented a deeply-researched and wide-ranging account of how Kenya’s population has been affected.
The programme stood out for its cultivation of elusive contacts in all parts of Kenyan society, including the anti-terror police - and this paid off in a series of allegations about the arbitrary killing of suspected Muslims in the east of the country, and the spiral of violence and poverty which has ensued.
The investigation also led back to Europe to ask important questions about the German government’s role in providing training programmes and material for the Kenyan police.


The author has gained an insight into the brutal reality of the Kenyan war against terror. The people of Kenya are losing their work, poverty is spreading, making people more susceptible to radicalisation by Al-Shabaab, who promise money in exchange for terror attacks.
A vicious circle…

Special Commendation

The Secret Registry / Sweden

Submitting organisation: Sveriges Radio - SR
Author: Alexander Gagliano, Bo-Göran Bodin
Director: Alexander Gagliano, Bo-Göran Bodin
Sound: Alexander Gagliano, Bo-Göran Bodin
Commissioning editor: Fredrik Laurin
Producer: Alexander Gagliano, Bo-Göran Bodin

Jury Citation:
Holding those in powerful positions to account is one of the main functions of investigative journalism and this series did it brilliantly. It exposed how police in Stockholm kept a secret database containing sensitive information and in some cases offensive judgements about women who had reported domestic abuse. In a particularly strong first episode, the journalists presented the women’s stories and feelings in a thoughtful way, and then, in a compelling series of telephone confrontations, demanded answers from some of the police officers involved and their bosses. The series had the qualities that juries in the Radio Current Affairs category have come to expect from the award-winning investigative journalism team at SR.

Best European Radio Drama

Orpheus in the Upperworld: The Smuggler’s Opera / Germany

Submitting organisation: Westdeutscher Rundfunk - WDR / ARD
Authors: Alexander Karschnia, Nicola Nord, Sascha Sulimma
Directors: Alexander Karschnia, Nicola Nord, Sascha Sulimma
Sound: Boris Wilsdorf, Sascha Sulimma
Commissioning editor: Isabel Platthaus
Producers: Alexander Karschnia, Nicola Nord, Sascha Sulimma

Jury Citation:
The hero’s journey comes to an abrupt halt: at a barbed wire fence maintained by Frontex. Orpheus is re-imagined as a human trafficker, who - in the satirical voice of this operatic medley - defends his profession as a modern-day service provider.
An exquisite performance-collective revisits the operas of Monteverdi and Gluck.
And sings in bel canto at the River Evros in a production that screams at a self-contradicting Europe, the borderless humanist project, behind a maximum security fence.


Today, the River Evros is one of the most closely guarded borders of the EU because it used to be the main overland route for illegal immigration. In Orpheus in the Upperworld the mythological character returns to this border in the shape of a luckless human trafficker…

Special Commendation

Variation / Sweden

Submitting organisation: Sveriges Radio - SR
Author: Kristian Hallberg
Director: Tobias Hagström Ståhl
Sound: Lena Samuelsson
Commissioning editor: Magnus Berg
Producer: Magnus Berg

Jury Citation:
A man explains the footballer’s offside rule to his son - but it is he who is ‘offside’.
This radio drama is a sophisticated study of one man’s quest to eradicate unconscious racism in his family, a quest that is hindered by the blinding effects of self-righteousness.
Concepts of ‘inclusion’ and ‘reverse racism’ collide in this deft, stylish production, creating a unique audio-thought-experiment - challenging us to confront bias and prejudice in ourselves.

Best European Radio Fiction Series or Serial

Boswell’s Lives: Boswell’s Life of Freud / United Kingdom

Submitting organisation: British Broadcasting Corporation - BBC
Author: Jon Canter
Director: Sally Avens
Sound: Peter Ringrose, Anne Bunting
Commissioning editor: Caroline Raphael
Producer: Sally Avens
Production company: BBC Radio Drama

Jury Citation:
Why are we so interested in celebrities? Why do we want to know so much about their private lives? Is it something in our childhood?

Dr Johnson’s celebrated biographer, James Boswell, attempts to interview Sigmund Freud. But it’s difficult to do a good job when you’ve just been introduced to cocaine.

Boswell finds himself on the Freudian couch with the father of psychoanalysis asking all the questions in a sublime comedy, beautifully directed and performed. This production is very much inspired by the Freudian concept - that humour offers comfort and relief.


Comedy as James Boswell, Dr Johnson’s celebrated biographer, pursues other legends to immortalise…

Special Commendation

Scandinavian Star / Norway

Submitting organisation: Norsk rikskringkasting - NRK
Author: Mathias Calmeyer
Director: Mathias Calmeyer
Sound: Hilde Rolfsnes
Commissioning editor: Gunhild Nymoen
Producer: Gunhild Nymoen

Jury Citation:
With consummate skill and sensitivity to victims’ families, this production revisits the tragic events of 7 April 1990, when the Scandinavian Star passenger ferry went on fire.
In the frame of a fictional series based on real events, the production effectively re-opens the investigation, looking for the causes of the catastrophe in the light of new evidence.
A deep commitment to those affected by the tragedy is shown in the production’s excellence in every category - scripting, direction, performance, sound and music aesthetics – and so the radio fiction becomes a compassionate salute both to those who were lost and those who have been left behind.

Best European Radio Music Programme

The Voices of Elly Stone / United Kingdom

Submitting organisation: Falling Tree Productions
Author: Alan Hall
Director: Alan Hall
Sound: Peregrine Andrews (Moving Air)
Commissioning editor: Tony Phillips (BBC Radio 4)
Producer: Alan Hall

Jury Citation:
The winning programme of the Radio Music category uses the most powerful elements of radio, music and speech, in a way that attracts the listeners not only to witness the story, but also to reflect their own lives and decisions. This intimate, human size and wise approach is at its best on radio.
In this programme we get a rare opportunity to hear the story of a legend: A person looking back …on the life that has been lived, the songs that have been sung and the persons that have been met. However, the most important part of this work are the things unsaid, still present, especially in the music.
With all its elements, the programme reminds the listener of the power of music. It truly can change lives. We look back happily to the memories, bitter and sweet, with peaceful and calm understanding. What a wise lady she is!


Elly Stone is a modest 87-year old New Yorker (‘born and dragged up’), whose sublime voice will forever be associated with the songs of Belgian chanteur Jacques Brel. Twenty years after her retirement from the stage, she offers a rare insight into her life and what music has meant to her…

Special Commendation

Music Observatory / Russian Federation

Submitting organisation: Radio Russia
Author: Oleg Troyanovsky
Director: Oleg Troyanovsky
Sound: Oleg Troyanovsky
Commissioning editor: Georgy Moskvichev
Producer: Oleg Troyanovsky

Jury Citation:
Philosophical, humorous, intelligent - these words describe only partly the amazing trip on which Oleg Troyanovsky takes the listener in Music Observatory.
The programme raises our awareness of reception of music. It also leads us to the questions of the essence of music. How we should understand it? It also entertains and gives interesting musical elements that affirm the structure of the whole concept
Music Observatory does the most important thing that a single radio programme can do: It starts the process of thinking, questioning and understanding in the listener’s mind. It gives a wide range of impulses to rethink one’s own opinions and therefore it is very inspiring content for any listener.

Online Award

Best European Online Project

ZDFLobbyradar / Germany


Submitting organisation: Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen - ZDF
Key staff: Felix Feierabend, Michael Hartlep, Frederic Huwendiek, Julia Kiehne, Hubert Krech, Marco Maas, Juri Maier, Tanja Peuker, Jan Schneider, Michaela Waldow, Dominik Wurnig, Alexandra Zurwonne
Co-producers: MIZ-Babelsberg, OpenDataCity, wegewerk, dreimorgen, Werner Solutions

Jury Citation:
The Jury of the online category of Prix Europa 2015 described the winning project as “extremely ambitious”, saying it made them “optimistic about the internet and its possibilities”.
It’s a great tool for citizens, which uses big data to highlight the power structures within a democracy.

It unlocks huge amounts of open source information revealing the connections between politicians, think tanks and lobbyists. Some in the jury said they would like to take – or steal – this data visualisation tool for their own country, or indeed make it pan-European.

Special Commendations

Lilla Aktuellt Kollen / Sweden


Submitting organisation: Sveriges Television - SVT
Key staff: Madeleine Adaktusson, Soa Grefbäck, Lowe Östberg, Malin Ströman, Fredrik Stutterheim
Co-producer: We Are Yours - web bureau

Jury Citation:
The Jury of Online Category of Prix Europa 2015 gives a special commendation to Lilla Aktuellt Kollen from Sweden, for their simple and user-friendly children’s app. It interacts brilliantly with a young audience and brings value into the newsroom, by turning the concept of pushing out news on its head.

Do Not Track / France / Germany / USA


Submitting organisation: ARTE France
Key staff: Sandra Rodriguez and Akufen, Zineb Dryef, Brett Gaylor, Vincent Glad, Richard Gutjahr, Virginie Raisson
Co-producers: Upian, ONF, BR

Jury Citation:
The Jury of the Online Category of Prix Europa 2015 gives a Special Commendation to ‘Do Not Track’ for its engaging, personalised, web series. It takes ‘passive internet users’ and shocks them into realising how valuable their personal data is – and how it gets exploited by private companies. The jury described it as ‘eye-opening’.

Special Awards

PRIX GENEVE - Most Innovative Television Fiction Script of the Year 2015 by a Newcomer

SANCTUARY by Nicole Armbruster, Marc Brummund / Germany

Submitted by: Südwestrundfunk - SWR / ARD
Produced by: SWR / Zum Goldenen Lamm Filmproduktion

Jury Citation:
The script-writers who will be awarded with the Prix Geneve this year received already various prices for their excellent work in the field of script-writing. The work they deliver in showing both a great talent for script-writing and a deep understanding of the human nature and the dark side of human mankind. The jury was impressed by the film, covering a true story of young innocent man who has to face the most brutal regime of education that someone can imagine. The viewers are able to follow the tragic childhood of a young man, who is fighting for his right as a free human being and for his true dignity.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award

Rolf Stengård

Mission: Journalism

Rolf Stengård has significantly influenced debates both nationally and internationally through his work as Head of Investigative Journalism at Swedish Radio and as founder of ‘Radioleaks’, Sweden’s service for whistle blowers.

Rolf Stengård, born in 1949, has worked in the news industry for over 40 years. He started his career at Sweden’s biggest morning newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, where he spearheaded the newspaper’s reporters after the assassination of the Swedish Prime minister, Olof Palme, in 1986. In 1988 he moved to Swedish Radio’s newsroom, worked as a Legal Correspondent, Editorial Secretary, and Head Editorial News Reporter before taking the post of News Editor, which he held for over ten years. He signed responsible for the coverage of, for example, the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York in 2001 and the murder of the Swedish foreign minister Anna Lindh in 2003.

During the last four years, Rolf Stengård was the Head of Investigative Journalism at Swedish Radio. Under his leadership Swedish Radio’s investigative journalism became very successful, not least thanks to his special team in the news department Ekot reporters in this group are among Sweden’s most acclaimed journalists revelations have made a significant impact on debates in Sweden and worldwide. In particular the disclosure of ‘Project Simoom’, which dealt with the Swedish authorities’ secret plans to help Saudi Arabia’s dictatorship build an armament factory, had a major impact. e debate on Swedish arms exports exploded, and cooperation with Saudi Arabia ceased.

Investigative journalism is set to become increasingly important in the new media landscape. Social media are filed with opinions, views and likes, something that is likely to spread to mainstream media. but someone needs to investigate the actual situation; someone must present the facts, professionally obtained and compiled.
This is Rolf Stengård’s mission in journalism.

With this decision, PRIX EUROPA commits both to the indispensability of investigative journalism and to the responsibility and importance of public radio for our democratic societies.