The PRIX EUROPA 2016 Winners


Television Awards

Best European TV Documentary

#Myescape / Germany

Submitting Organisation: Berlin Producers film GmbH & Co.KG
Author: Elke Sasse
Director: Elke Sasse
Producer: Stefan Pannen
Produced by: Berlin Producers film GmbH & Co.KG
Co-produced by: WDR, DW

Jury Citation: They become visible with their faces and bodies when they strand at our shores and borders – alive or dead: refugees from Afghanistan, Syria and Eritrea on their way to Europe looking for a better future and a safe life. In this documentary they obtain personality and dignity as human beings, documenting their escape with their mobile devices they reveal fear, doubt and the deadly threat to their life while overcoming the obstacles on their way to us. It is not possible to elude the emotional appeal of this documentary – yet, the professional skills applied through editing, storytelling and thoughtfully led interviews with the protagonists after their safe arrival make this film a masterpiece that goes far beyond a voyeuristic approach. It is a piece of global importance and has impact on European audiences.

Length / Minutes: 90


Special Commendation

The Magnitsky Act – Behind the Scenes / Norway

Submitting Organisation: Piraya Film AS
Authors: Andrei Nekrasov, Torstein Grude
Director: Andrei Nekrasov
Producer: Torstein Grude
Produced by: Piraya Film AS
Co-produced by: Illume OY (Finland), Wingman Media APS (Denmark), ZDF / Arte (Germany)

Special Commendation

The Siege / France

Submitting Organisation: Agat Films & Cie
Authors: Remy Ourdan, Patrick Chauvel
Directors: Remy Ourdan, Patrick Chauvel
Producer: Blanche Guichou
Produced by: Agat Films & Cie
Co-produced by: ARTE, INA (France), Pro BA (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Best European TV Movie or Mini-Series of the Year

Nobel / Norway

Submitting Organisation: Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation – NRK
Authors: Mette Bolstad, Stephen Uhlander
Director: Per Olav Sørensen
Producers: Tone C. Rønning, Hakon Briseid
Produced by:Monster
Co-produced by: NRK, SVT, DR, Sirena Film, RÚV

Jury Citation: Personal believes are betrayed, the main character becomes a pawn in political power play that escalates out of control. What happens when violence travels with the main characters from a war-torn country to their peaceful western society.

The winner in the TV Fiction Category Movie or Mini-Series lets the viewer follow Erling, a Norwegian special forces lieutenant, to the battlefields of Afghanistan and back home to his family. But Erling’s war doesn’t stop at the safe and clean military airport of Oslo. A precisely crafted original script, perfectly executed and directed, the viewer follows a fantastic and believable cast on a journey into a world of lies, betrayal, mistrust and political games

Length / Minutes: 88


Special Commendation

Don’t Leave Me / France

Submitting Organisation: France Télévisions / France 2
Autors: Aude Marcle, Françoise Charpiat
Director: Xavier Durringer
Producer: Joëy Faré
Produced by: Scarlett production with the participation of TV5 Monde, Radio Télévision Suisse

Best European TV Fiction Series or Serial of the Year

Trapped / Iceland

Submitting Organisation: RVK Studios
Author: Sigurjón Kjartansson, Clive Bradley
Director: Baltasar Kormákur
Producers: Baltasar Kormákur, Magnus V. Sigurdsson
Produced by: RVK Studios
Co-producers: RÚV, ZDF, France Télévision, DR, SVT, NRK, Svenska Yle, BBC

Jury Citation: This outstanding series is based on an exceptional male character, supported by a fantastic cast, set in a stunning landscape, also fighting the forces of nature.

What happens when crime enters your quiet daily live and endangers your family. When you know that someone threatening is out there and can’t get away… as you yourself can’t get away due to heavy snowfall, made visible by exceptional camera and production work. When you are trapped and the only way out is to solve the crime that got washed ashore with the last ship entering the harbour. Wonderful characters, precisely directed and filmed in the exceptional atmosphere of the Icelandic winter make it easy for the viewer to follow the journey of an ordinary guy who has to find his inner hero.

Length / Minutes: 52


Special Commendation

Public Enemy / Belgium

Submitting Organisation: Radio-télévision belge de la Communauté Française – RTBF
Authors: Matthieu Frances, Gilles de Voghel, Antoine Bours, Christopher Yates, Fred Castadot
Director: Gary Seghers
Producer: Isabel de la Serna, François Touwaide
Produced by: Playtime, Entre Chien et Loup, RTBF
Co-produced by: Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Casa Kafka Pictures, Wallimage-Bruxellimages, Proximus, RMB

Best European TV Current Affairs Programme

Mission Investigate: The Panama Papers / Sweden

Submitting Organisation: Sveriges Television – SVT
Author: Sven Bergman
Director: Joachim Dyfvermark
Producer: Sven Bergman
Produced by: Sveriges Television – SVT

Jury Citation: Sometimes some pieces of paper can make a great difference if they end up in the right hands. The stories in this year’s strong TV Current Affairs category give great hope for the future investigative journalism in Europe, at the same time as they give us a scary glimpse of the political situation in Europe and the dark forces within the human race.

The winners this year based their story on secret documents and showed that hard work pays off.
The jury quoted that this is journalism at its best. At the same time the story-telling sweepes us away. Being able to make such a change and such a good story based on the leak of more than 11 million secret documents, is amazing.
Unfortunately for the Prime Minister of Iceland, the leaked documents from Panama ended up in the hands of investigative journalists in Sweden and Iceland. Their work lead to the largest demonstration in Iceland’s history and the Prime Minister left his office.

Length / Minutes: 42


Special Commendation

Ukraine: Masks of the Revolution / France

Submitting Organisation: Premières Lignes Télévision with the participation of CANAL+
Author: Paul Moreira
Director: Paul Moreira
Producer: Luc Hermann
Produced by: Premières Lignes Télévision

Best Intercultural TV Programme

Watami: My Homeland / United Kingdom

Submitting Organisation: ITN Productions
Author: Marcel Mettelsiefen
Director: Marcel Mettelsiefen
Producer: Stephen Ellis
Produced by: ITN Productions

Jury Citation: In the past days the jury viewed and judged 16 important and excellent films dealing with cultural diversity.
Many candidates for an award - and the TV Iris Jury clearly decided for a film that dealt with one of the biggest dramas the world today is struggling with: the film follows the unique story of a Syrian family that tries to survive in the ruins of Aleppo. It shows the madness of a never-ending war that has traumatised the Syrians and the rest of the world. The film focuses on the universal question: do you stay and fight or go and rescue your life and your family.

Length / Minutes: 51


Special Commendation

Blood Sisters / Sweden

Submitting Organisation:Sveriges Television – SVT
Autor: Malin Andersson
Director: Malin Andersson
Producer: Malin Andersson
Produced by: Malin Andersson Film
Co-produced by: Final Cut For Real (Denmark), Avanton Productions (Finland), Les Films du Tambour du Soie (France), Mechanix Film (Norway), Solas Productions (Ireland), Film I Skåne (Sweden)

Radio Awards

Best European Radio Documentary

Queen of the Night / Denmark

Submitting Organisation: Danish Broadcasting Corporation – DR
Author: Thomas Smedegaard
Directors: Mikkel Rønnau, Thomas Smedegaard
Sound: Mikkel Rønnau, Thomas Smedegaard
Commissioning editor: Rasmus Bjerre, Hanne Barslund
Producer: Louise Witt-Hansen

Jury Citation: Some of the best documentaries are captivating riddles meant to invite us along on journeys with intriguing companions, unexpected twists, and resolutions which are impossible to predict. This masterfully produced programme provokes a listener to examine certain human obsessions by inverting gender roles in a power play of a very musical nature. Along with a glimpse into a world of male musicians, against the backdrop of skilfully mixed classical soundtracks, we have no other choice but to surrender and go along this slightly absurd, but extremely funny and also clever quest.

Special Commendations

Crap Business / Poland

Submitting Organisation: Polskie Radio S.A. / Radio Lublin
Autor: Agnieszka Czyżewska Jacquemet
Director: Agnieszka Czyżewska Jacquemet
Sound: Jaroslaw Golofit
Commissioning editor: Katarzyna Michalak

A Dancer Dies Twice / United Kingdom

Submitting organisation: Falling Tree Productions
Author: Eleanor McDowall
Director: Alan Hall
Sound: Mike Woolley
Commissioning editor: Tony Phillips
Producer: Eleanor McDowall

Best European Radio Investigation

Documentary on One: The Case That Never Was / Ireland

Submitting organisation: Raidió Teilifis Éireann – RTÉ Radio 1
Author: Frank Shouldice
Directors: Frank Shouldice, Liam O’Brian
Sound: Frank Shouldice, Liam O’Brien
Commissioning editor: Liam O’Brien
Producers: Frank Shouldice, Liam O’Brian

Jury Citation: One criterion of a good investigative story is that at least one party involved does not want the story to be told - because he or she has something to hide.
That is surely the case in this year’s winner of the Prix Europa.
An incredible story, hard to believe yet true. Told in a sober and at the same time humorous way. Very well researched. A David versus Goliath-story in the arena of the European Court. But it appears that David does not even know that he is in the arena.
Thanks to the work of the reporter a fraudulent court-case was stopped and
European legislation was prevented to be changed on an erroneous base.

Special Commendation

The Closed Room / Sweden

Submitting organisation: Sveriges Radio – SR
Authors: Bo-Göran Bodin, Daniel Velasco
Directors: Bo-Göran Bodin, Daniel Velasco
Sound: Bo-Göran Bodin, Daniel Velasco
Commissioning editor: Bo-Göran Bodin, Daniel Velasco
Producer: Ylva Lindgren

Best European Radio Fiction

Things / Estonia

Submitting organisation: Estonian Public Broadcasting– ERR
Author: Andres Noormets
Director: Andres Noormets
Sound: Külli Tüli
Commissioning editor: Pille-Riin Purje
Producer: Tiina Vilu

Jury Citation: We can use Radio Fiction to ask the question ‘what if?’ to think about new ways of living, in an alternative society.

This superb radio fiction invites us into the laboratory, to re-invent the human condition.

A man decides to get rid of everything he owns.

We hear the excitement in his voice as he gets rid of his washing machine, his furniture, his phone, his job, even his former self.

With an exquisite text, note-perfect performances, and a crystal-clear soundscape this drama allows us to escape - even for a little while - from the pressure of materialism.

Special Commendation

Atlas of Remote Islands / Switzerland

Submitting organisation: Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen – SRF /SRG SSR
Author: Judith Schalansky
Director: Thom Luz
Sound: Tom Willen
Commissioning editor: Reto Ott
Producer: Anina Barandun

Best European Radio Fiction Series or Serial

Young Beautiful Monsters / Belgium

Submitting organisation: Atelier de Création Sonore Radiophonique – ACSR
Author: Florent Barat
Directors: Florent Barat, Sébastien Schmitz
Sound: Sébastien Schmitz
Commissioning editor:
Producer: Le Collectif Wow!
Co-produced by: FACR, RTBF, SACD-Belgique, Beaumarchais-SACD

Jury Citation: The best radio fiction allows us to visit other worlds. It strips away our pre-conceptions - about people we presume to be ‘different’.

In this series, we are taught a new language: the feisty words of a merry band of friends who call themselves monsters. Their leader is William - a young boy with Cerebral Palsy. Inspired by Muhammad Ali, they stage a revolution. And their gentle show of strength heals the community. This drama shows, that behind a physical difficulty in speaking, there is a wonderful, interesting voice. With sublime performances , a sensitive, honest text, and a beautifully intricate score, this drama floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

Special Commendation

Eco-Man / France

Submitting organisation: ARTE Radio
Author: Charles Trahan
Director: Charles Trahan
Sound:Samuel Hirsch, Arnaud Forest
Commissioning editor: Silvain Gire
Producer: Silvain Gire

Best European Radio Music Programme

Philip Glass: Taxi Driver / United Kingdom

Submitting organisation: Just Radio Ltd
Author: Paul Smith
Director:Paul Smith
Sound: Chris O’Shaughnessy
Commissioning editor: Tony Philips
Producer: Paul Smith

Jury Citation: Take a young producer, all fired up to present the music of one of the most celebrated composers of our time in a new light.
He is looking for a metaphor that may provide a window into the dense flow of minimalism that everyone can understand. Since the composer, who’s career began modestly in New York City’s gritty environment of the 1970’s, earned a living as a taxi driver, the young producer takes his listeners on a vivid ride through the Big Apple and along the way - through interview excerpts, city sounds and music - he composes an authentic, elegant portrait.

Special Commendation

Till Sound Do You Part – A Portrait of Composer Couples / Germany

Submitting organisation: Deutschlandradio
Author: Sabine Fringes
Director: Helga Mathea
Sound: Gunther Rose, Kiwi Hornung
Commissioning editor: Tina Klopp
Producer: Tina Klopp
Produced by: Deutschlandfunk (DLF)

Best European Digital Audio of the Year

The Ringbinder Assassin / Denmark

Submitting organisation: Politiken / Third Ear
Author: Krister Moltzen
Directors: Krister Moltzen, Tim Hinman
Sound: Tim Hinman
Producer: Tim Hinman
Produced by: Politiken / Third Ear

Jury Citation: In the first year of this new category, the jury was asked to find the most creative audio presented on digital platforms, and it considered a dizzying array of projects - from podcasts and social media experiments to new platforms for education and translation, and some highly creative work combining sound with music, photography and animation.

The winner is a true crime story made as a podcast series a bizarre non-fiction audio thriller investigating the shooting of a computer salesman by a pistol hidden in an ordinary office ringbinder. This project stood out for its great storytelling, beautiful sound design and super-cool artwork, and for the confidence of its delivery across digital, social and print platforms - winning a million downloads in its first year and reaching a new 25 to 45 year old audience for the newspaper.

Special Commendation

Radio Atlas / United Kingdom

Submitting organisation: Radio Atlas
Author: Eleanor McDowall
Director: Eleanor McDowall
Produced by: Radio Atlas

Online Awards

Best European Online Project

Notes on Blindness / France


Submitting organisation: ARTE France
Key staff: Arnaud Colinart, Arnaud Desjardins, Amaury La Burthe, Béatrice Lartigue, Peter Middleton, James Spinney, Fabien Togman
Produced by: ARTE France, AGAT Films & Cie / Ex Nihilo, Audiogaming, with the support of TFI New Media Fund and Ford Foundation – JustFilms, Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée (CNC) and Région Midi-Pyrénées.

Jury Citation: The best entries in the Online Category combine new use of technology with strong storytelling.
This year one of the entries stuck out in a every imaginable way. The winner project uses audio and graphics in a poetic and jaw dropping manner and is just radically new. With visually stunning imagery, voice over and immersed Virtual Reality the winner project even allows the user to interact with what we see and hear.
This is public service at its heart and illustrates why Virtual Reality has been labeled as an ‘empathy machine’. By putting the user into a blind man’s shoes it paradoxically opens our eyes and ears to what we otherwise have no access to. This is just brilliant.

Special Commendations

Mental / Finland


Submitting organisation: Yle, the Finish Broadcasting Company
Key staff: Jenna Karas, Riikka Kurki, Markku Mastomaki, Jami Nurminen,Hyppe Salmi, Ronja Salmi
Co-producer: It’s Alive Films

BBC The Social / BBC Scotland


Submitting organisation: BBC Scotland
Key staff: Muslim Alim, Anthony Browne, Kirsty Drain, Anna Fenton, Ryan Pasi, David Tennent, Louise Thornton, Edwin Wyatt

PRIX EUROPA Online Community Award

#Livetitanic / Finland


Submitting organisation: Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company
Key staff: Seija Aunila, Anita Grönlund, Jukka-Pekka Heiskanen, Katariina Hirvonen, Karoliina Koivula, Outi Kortelainen, Leo Kosola,Annukka Palmén-Väisänen, Pekka Savolainen, Sini Sovijärvi, Jenny Stammeier

Jury Citation: In total 1.774 votes were submitted for the first Community Award. The project that attracted most votes from all corners of our continent is a story of individuals who decided to fulfil their dreams and search for a new life in a new world. They buy themselves tickets to world’s most modern and glamorous steamship: RMS Titanic.
In 1912, 63 Finnish passengers were on board of the Titanic, of which only 20 survived. Now, over hundred years after the ship sank, it’s possible to relive the voyage in real time.

Special Awards

PRIX GENEVE - Most Innovative Television Fiction Script of the Year 2016 by a Newcomer

Visar Morina / author and director of Babai - My Father

Submitted by: Westdeutscher Rundfunk – WDR / ARD / Germany
Produced by: Niko Film, Berlin, co-produced Produksioni Krusha (Kosovo), Skopje Film Studio (Macedonia), Eaux Vives Productions (France), WDR, ARTE

Jury Citation: This script dives deep into a father-son relationship in the early 90’s Kosovo. His masterly built, unique protagonist is a 10-year old boy, who’s quest to unite with his weak parent is told through laconic and exact dialogue and well determined action. The violence that does not happen adds to the authentic, tense atmosphere in this engaging story. A boy grows up, but too fast - in times of fear.

Lifetime Achievement Award


Looking at the current state of affairs in Europe, the award should also show a way into the future of this struggling continent. Institutional and political players of all shades are relying on intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity and cross-cultural bridges to keep the European family at one table.

And there is one broadcaster on this continent who already took up the cause of cross-cultural dialogue as a European Cultural Channel a quarter of a century ago:
ARTE G.E.I.E. - founded on 30 April 1991. Since that time ARTE has constantly not only adapted itself to the changing media environment but has also set an example of how to create new content and attract new audiences.