PRIX EUROPA is an annual forum reliably highlighting the latest trends in the media and taking a stand on broadcasting quality for all Europeans. Since its founding in 1987, PRIX EUROPA has grown into Europe’s largest festival for Television, Radio and the Online Media, due to the strong partners who have supported the competition since its inception.

PRIX EUROPA - The European Broadcasting Festival awards the best European Television, Radio and Online productions each year with the aim of publicising them throughout Europe and supporting their continental distribution and use. It calls on all media professionals and their commitment to quality to compete against each other with their best productions.

PRIX EUROPA distinguishes itself by its unique juries open to all programme makers from across the continent. All competition entries are assessed and evaluated in a public and open debate. This transparent process makes PRIX EUROPA a first-class training platform and a multinational market place.

The PRIX EUROPA is governed by a Steering Committee, headed by a Presidium. The Steering Committee supervises and approves the proposals made by the operational management - the festival director and the treasurer - for:

  • the conduct of the competition;
  • the establishment of categories and the value of the prizes;
  • the concept of the Awards Ceremony in cooperation with the host authorities;

  • all major administrative, financial and legal aspects, especially the accounting and auditing.

The operational management and treasury of PRIX EUROPA are provided by Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg – rbb.
The Steering Committee elects its President and Vice-Presidents among its members.

PRIX EUROPA Catalogues

These are the PRIX EUROPA Catalogues available in digital format. In case you are interested finding information about older competition entries please write us at office@prixeuropa.eu

Catalogue 2016

Catalogue 2015

Catalogue 2014

Catalogue 2013

Catalogue 2012

Catalogue 2011

Catalogue 2010

Catalogue 2009

Catalogue 2008